The PORTER Preventative Roof Maintenance Services

The health of your roof should always be maintained. Constant exposure to the elements, including heat, cold, wind, rain, and snow will eventually take its toll on the welfare of your roof. To prevent leaks or other damage from occurring, regular maintenance should be performed. That’s where PORTER Construction, LLC can help.

The PORTER PRAM maintenance program is designed to yield long-term savings by extending the life of the existing roof system on your structure, even if it was installed by a separate contractor. This program includes one annual, non-invasive observation of your roof to identify any potential sources of future problems. From there, we will work with any existing manufacturer and installation warranties to determine which necessary repairs are covered. Thus, the PORTER PRAM program helps extend the life expectancy of your roof even beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period and includes:

  • An initial observation – We’ll prepare a written analysis of your roofing system and a proposal for any repairs that are necessary to bring the roof up to the level required for the program.
  • Annual observations – Each year, we’ll take a comprehensive visual survey of the total roofing system, including accessories and flashing.
  • The checklist – Our roof specialists will check the general condition of your roof and then clean the roofing and the drainage system to ensure that they’re functioning properly. In case we notice that your roof needs major repairs or reroofing, we’ll provide you with recommendations for materials and a projected cost for the job.
  • The guarantee – Your annual investment guarantees PORTER will repair up to ten (10) roof leaks resulting from normal wear and tear, and up to three punctures caused by third parties, per building in any program year (excludes damage caused by natural disasters, vandalism, excessive foot traffic, settlement or cracking of the roof deck, and abuse from owners or tenants). This service is provided on a priority basis.
  • Affordable cost – Our maintenance program cost is minimal and saves you a lot because it helps extend the life of your roof. Agreements can be written for periods ranging from one to three years and are automatically renewed.

When you sign up for the PORTER PRAM program, you’ll receive the ultimate protection for your roofing system with fixed monthly costs, locked-in current prices, full-time emergency crews, potentially tax savings, and more. To learn more about this comprehensive roof maintenance program for roof systems, contact PORTER Construction, LLC today, and we’ll help seal your roof with a PRAM.